It’s back for it’s fifth year!

The ‘Hallow’s End’ Halloween transmog contest! We have some brand new categories this year as well including: Dragons!, IRL Costume, ‘Season’s Greetings!’, and ‘I know how to do that!’. Get those entries in early! For rules and category descriptions, see the link below. Any questions? Post in our discord general channel.

Hallow’s End Contest


Come hang out this Sunday 9/25 at 6pm EST for working to achieve the Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 man) achievement! Gives a beautiful Lich King themed mount Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher! The Lich King does have a chance to drop Invincible’s Reins as well at the very end as well!

Please be on time and in the voice channel for invites! Even if you have this one already completed, always fun to hang out and maybe obtain some transmogs or pets that may drop! See ya Sunday in Ice Crown Citadel!

The in-game calendar for August has been set and updated. Please check it out. There are a few items of note regarding guild events in August:

Sunday Funday returns will host Vellitha on August 14th at 6pm EST!
Peepo’s Pals raid team will only run on Saturdays (and will probably stay in normal fated difficulty).
Monday night normal raid group is taking a break in August. It may return (depending) if Peepo’s Pals starts doing heroic fated content in September.